Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017 PM Update

The waterfall decline is coming, but I believe the bottom to be delayed until late next week.  I see a 5%+ decline coming like I was thinking before.  There is a 20/40/80 week low due ideally around Aug 11. A new high is possible Tues/Wed this week.
GDX still looks vulnerable to a sell-off into Aug 11 too (Mercury Rx is Aug 12), down to below 20.70. I believe we see a change of trend then for GDX and SPX.

July 31 AM Update

SPX futures +4 this morning. The cycles lately have been confusing. That we are about to begin a waterfall decline is not in dispute in my mind.  The cycles we have this week are the 5 week (due Thursday this week) and the 16 TD (due yesterday +/- 4 TD's).

The moon is in full Sagittarius Thursday, which often times marks a low.  Counting the 8 TD cycles we have a 3rd one due Thursday this week from the June 29 low.  As far as the QQQ is concerned we have a possible low due as late as Thursday.
My initiation signal on Thursday got me all beared up for a 5% decline. It would be natural e-wave to take out a "c" wave by a larger degree B wave and that would be down to around 2352.

Watch for Uranus turning Rx on Aug 2.

10:47 AM EDT:

After a brief pull back today (in the next few hours) the pattern suggests new highs by late Tuesday to as high as 2487/88 SPX.  This looks extremely similar to the BREXIT top.  We have a Bradley helio turn due July 31/Aug 1 and AUGUST 1 is the first TD of the month (money inflows).
We have extreme irregular topping action here. I repeat: extreme irregular topping action
August 2 sees Uranus turn Rx.  The Uranus is the planet of the unexpected.

12;32 PM EDT:

Downside target for SPX is 2388/89 based on 50% retracement of Wave A June 19 and declining bottoms line of psuedo Wave X.  We are in a highly irregular topping pattern.  New highs are possible in the next day or two.  Dow Indu has made new highs and in highly irregular topping pattern.

Cycles are stretching to extremes.  The 5 week low from the 10 week low on June 29 is due early Friday because of the July 3 Holiday 3 hour take away.  The next 5 week low is due in early September (around September 8), which would complete a 20 week low and the larger 40/80 week low where I expect the 2262/63 area to be tested.

The next Important Bradley turns are due August 19 (top) and September 7 (bottom).
Wave B's are known as channel breakers, so a move below the low 2400's SPX makes sense.
The low could happen anywhere between late Thursday or early Friday morning this week (my new chart suggests early Friday). I have a Saturn turn date due on Aug 11 (5 TD's straight up) and a 24 CD day turn due around August 17 (from my read it should be Aug 16 for the low or Aug 18 for the high), so this makes sense to me now. A top (Wave C of Y) around August 18 (OPEX) is due and new highs above 2500, perhaps as high as the 2520/30 zone.--

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why the Stock Market Must Fall Hard Monday

I have been warning for over a week now about a coming waterfall decline.  The wave counts and cycles are at the point where I believe it is a virtual impossibility for the market not to implode Monday for the biggest one day loss of the year.

This next chart shows the daily e-wave count: 

Now when we view the hourly chart (below), we see that we are down to the wire, the 3rd of the 3rd so to speak.  Notice also the rising wedge pattern (above) with earlier false break.

Next we view the daily chart of the GDX and future expectations (change dates 7/31, 8/14, 9/1, 10/9, 11/6, 12/22).

Next is a daily chart of the Dow Transports, which are breaking down badly and unlikely to recover with the expected new highs on the Indu, SPX and NDX August 14.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

July 28 Mid Day Update

I believe I wrongly assessed the big drop in the SPX yesterday to a larger e-wave degree.  This brings me back to SPX 2403.59 for Monday.  The chart below shows the unwinding of the triple irregular Y Wave top.  Magenta xyz are of the Micro wave, then Molecular (white small capital A,B) wave and finally Atomic wave (tiny, small a,b).  We are the third of the third, the shock wave any time now.

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JUly 28, 2017 AM Update

The SPX is trying to reach 2352/53 the last C Wave up that created Y.  If it follows BREXIT rules, then a test of 2402/03 is likely today then on down to 2452/53 Monday.  This would make a total of 5.35% top to bottom.  For the Dow more like 5.55%

Thursday, July 27, 2017

5%+ Waterfall Drop Coming!

I'm looking for a huge down day Friday.  By Monday we should be in the vicinity of 2338/42 ,down over 5%.

Charts below of Dow Industrials and Dow Transports: