Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Oct 2, 2017

The 32 TD low is due Thursday on the full moon with Venus conj. Mars.  We have Venus trine Pluto tonight and we are 47 TD's out from the July 27 high, which is 48-1.  A 7 week low is due Oct 11, which is the 7 week low: perhaps a double bottom.  There is a Bradley Geo turn due between Oct 3 and 5. Another due on the 8th and then around the 12th.

Tomorrow sees the 24 CD turn which in the past often times tags the acceleration points both up and down (May 17, Aug 17, Sept 11). Downside target is first around 2475 +/- 1 TD then near 2461/62.

GDX is still positively diverging.