Sunday, November 12, 2017

New Highs Ahead?

Nov 11 sees Saturn trine Uranus. Venus conjunct Jupiter occurs on the 13th.  Normally, this is a very positive sign.  I fully expect the SPX to rally 20-21 point on Monday to finally break the 2600 level.  The SPX continues to show signs of momentum failure as well as advance/decline line failures on the NYSE.  This means the advance is becoming narrow, a warning sign for at least some short term pull backs ahead possibly into the Mars opposite Uranus aspect on or around Dec 1.
The next Bradley turns are due around Nov 17/18 then Dec 3.  The last was Nov 6/7 when the 7th turned down into the 3 week/57 TD low due on Thursday.  Our next low is the 3 week/70 TD low due Nov 30/Dec 1.
Technical weakness is fighting seasonal strength.  The trend is still up, but we should expect some weakness again in January as we see the twenty week low once again.  I think we eventually see the 2680's visited, but it may be a laborious road getting there.  Mid 2018 (August 21?) should represent an important bull top.  Meanwhile, a 9 month low is due in April 2018, so we may see a seasonal top around Feb/March.
Bottom line: the Stock Market is fighting to get to a bull market top in the upper 2600's.  I think we see a Wave 4 20% bear into January 2019 (support near 2073) just like the Wave 2 low in Oct 2011 (May/Oct 2011).  January 2019 to Feb/Mar 2020 should see a blow off 5th wave near 3750. I believe we are nearing the end of one of the greatest bull markets in history! 2020-2022 could rival the 1929-32 crash!
Gold and silver (and mining shares) may be in a bear rally phase since 2015/16.  The next low is due 2022/23.  August 2018 should be an important top.

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